Butterflies and Beetles of Argentina

Mariposas y Escarabajos de Argentina

 Since July 2006

This site is presenting the Lepidoptera and Coleoptera of Argentina. Anyone who have

 related photographs is welcome to share them on this site with full credit.

 This site is on building and will stay that way all the time...

At the moment 221 species are being presented.

last update - 20 October, 2012 (Nymphalidae).

 Any suggestions,comments or cooporations will be appreciated very much.

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Specieal thanks:

my father, Yona Rittner

Ludmi Ben-Ari and family (B.A Capital / Israel)

Cooporating friends on this site:

Hernan Tolosa (San Miguel del Monte,Buenos Aires Prov.Argentina) - Photographer

Ricardo A Palonsky (Buenos Aires,Argentina) - Photographer

Pablo Wagner (Buenos Aires,Argentina)

Ezequiel Osvaldo Núñez Bustos (Buenos Aires,Argentina) - Lepidopterist

Gaston Zubaran (San Miguel,Buenos Aires) - Coleopterist

Dr Carlos Marzano (Buenos Aires) - Coleopterist
Aníbal González (Buenos Aires) - Lepidopterist (Mundo Butterflies)
All photographs are right protected and any use of them require permission

from the photographer. All photos that doesn"t include a photographers names are taken by the author of this site.